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50W amp

50W amp

Item: 50W

Small yet very powerful Digital Audio Amplifier


  • 25W+25W stereo audio amplifier when using 19VDC.
  • Can be connected directly into a car battery or any other regulated power supply at up to 24 VDC.
  • When using 12VDC, output is 12W+12W.
  • Unit is shipped with DC power cord only.
  • Power supply 12 VDC or 19VDC is extra.
  • State of the art high performance digital audio amp IC.
  • Available with built in audio pot OR external audio pot.
  • Ideal for AMA1080p HD video player.
  • Compact unit size, only 2.5"W X 3.5"D X 1.0"H.


  • 12VDC, 30 watt power suplly. Amplifier output is 12W+12W.
  • 19VDC,60 watt power supply. Amplifier output is 25W+25W.
  • 50W is available with built in pot or external pot. Please specify when ordering.


  • Audio amplifier for AMA1080p HD video player..
  • Audio amplifier for Interactive travelling exhibit.
  • Audio amplifier for Theme Parks, Go-Kart tracks, Family Fun Parks.


Power input: 12 Vd@@ 30 watt or 19VDC@ 60Watt.
DC power cord is included, Power supply is optional.
Power switch: On/Off power switch at front panel.
Audio input: 2 RCA jack, 2 V p/p.
Volume control: External or built in audio pot.
Speaker out: 4 screw on terminals for Left and Right channel.
Metal enclosure size: 2.5"W X 3.5"D X 1.0"H.
Weight without P.S is approximately 4 Oz (120 grams).