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AMA Mini

AMA Mini

Item: AMAMini


  • Compact unit size, only 2.5" W X 3.8" D X 0.8" H.
  • Ideal for large LCD/Plasma TV monitor, interactive exhibit and seamless loop application.
  • New Arm core processor, extremely durable, solid state, no moving parts.
  • Built in RS485 port, complete control of player including feedback through RS485 commands.
  • Plays standard 1080p HD video at 40 mbps, also plays std DVD files.
  • Plays Apple's quicktime-HD h.264 files, Windows HD VC1, Mpeg2 HD, std DVD and Mpeg4 files.
  • Plays Digital camera and HD camcorder/Flip Video - HD files such as mov, mp4 and avi files.
  • Plays from SD card up (to 128GB) and also USB Flash drive.
  • Programmable for "Plug and Play".
  • Built in SYNC program to sync with other AMAmini.
  • HDMI and Composite Video outputs are ON when unit is playing regardless of the setting.
  • Programmable to seamlessly loop the root file(s).
  • Built in SD card socket and USB2.0 port.


  • IN6 board with 12 digital input ((Max 4 boards, 48 inputs) for connection to push buttons and sensors.
  • IN6 inputs are programmable to play different video files.
  • Sync board, control and start sync a group of AMAmini from IN6.
  • 50Watt (25+25) Stereo amplifier unit, connect directly into the A/V out of the AMAmini.


    AMAmini plays from:

    • SD card socket:
    • USB port:
    • Use USB drive, External USB hard drive or any memory card reader using USB2.0 interface.
    • RS485 port:
    • Use RS485 commands to control playback and ask feed back from the playr.

    AMAmini plays the following video format:

    • Apple quicktime AVC (xxx.mov) at up to 35 mbps:
      The video size is up to 1080p (1920X1080) and average bit rate is 35mbps with peaks at up to 50mbps. For continuous 24/7 loop file only, limit the average bit rate to 25mbps.You can use MAC to create the quicktime video and copy it directly into a brand new USB drive.
    • Mpeg2 HD (xxx.ts, xxx.m2ts) at up to 40 mbps:
      The player supports Mpeg2-HD xxx.ts and xxx.m2ts files (main profile@high level).The video size is up to 1080p (1920X1080) and bit rate is 40mbps.The player supports both CBR and VBR encoding.For continuous 24/7 loop file only, limit the average bit rate to 25mbps.
    • Windows media HD (xxx.avi,xxx.wmv) at up to 35 mbps:
      The player supports windows media HD VC-1 files xxx.avi (AP@L3). The video size is up to 1080p (1920X1080) and average bit rate is 35mbps with peaks at up to 50mbps.For continuous 24/7 loop file only, limit the average bit rate to 25mbps.
    • Panasonic and Sony HD camcorder (xxx.mp4):
      The player plays files created by Panasonic and Sony HD camcorders. These HD camcorders record video using AVC-HD file format (h.264).
    • Flip Video HD movie file (xxx.mp4):
      The player supports movie files that have been created using Flip Video hand held HD recorder. Files created are mpeg4 HD, xxx.mp4.
    • Digital camera movie file (xxx.mp4,xxx.avi):
      The player supports movie files xxx.mp4,xxx.avi, xxx.mov that have been created using regular Digital cameras (with movie recording capability).

    REALPLAYER download files (h.263):

    • DVD and Mpeg2 video:
      The player supports standard DVD file xxx.vob and also regular Mpeg2 file.
    • VIDEO OUTPUT (all are ON simultaneously):
      AMAmini has 2 video output: HDMI and Composite.When playing, these video outputs are simultaneously ON regardless of the video setting and file being played.


    • The AMAmini can be set to operate in Standard mode and Sync mode.
    • The Sync mode and Standard mode is set in the autoplay.txt.
    • In Standard mode, after powering up the AMAmini will automatically loop files in the root directory. If you need inputs, use the IN6 input board. You can play up to 48 video files using 4 pcs IN6 input boards.When an input is triggered, there is less than 1 second delay before the file is played.

    Seamless Loop (standard mode):

    • To seamlessly loop a video, add end time statement in autoplay.txt. The end time is the playtime you want the file to play before it seamlessly loops back.

    Built In Resume function (standard mode):

    • If while playing the loop file an input is triggered, the player will pause the loop file and play the input.
    • After finish playing the input it will return to resume play the loop file again. It will not return to play the loop file from start. It will play from the last paused position.

    SYNC a GROUP of AMAmini:

    • Using the SYNC Hub board you can start sync a group of AMAmini.

    RS485 port:

    • The AMAmini has a bi-directional RS485 port. You can use this port to connect to the IN6 and the Sync board. You can also use it to communicate with a show controller or your PC and remotely send commands to play different video files, pause, play, next, Sync start etc.


  • To play video files using push buttons use the IN6 input board.
  • To sync multiple AMAmini's, use the Akman Sync Hub board.
  • To add speaker output, use the optional 50W (25+25) stereo amplifier module.


  • Ideal replacement for Blu Ray and DVD video players.
  • Ideal playback unit for Large LCD and Plasma display.
  • Ideal for multi screen prsentation.
  • High Definition Information Display for Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Airports, etc.
  • HD Video player for Museums and Science Center exhibits.
  • HD Video player for Interactive travelling exhibit.
  • HD Video information system for Theme Parks, Go-Kart tracks, Family Fun Parks.


Voltage & Power Switching 12V DC, 2 Amp. Naximum DC input is 16VDC
AC input: 120-240V AC, 50-60Hz.
USB2.0 port, plays from any USB 2.0 memory storage.
SD Card socket.
Video File format: xxx.ts, xxx.mp4, xxx.mov, xxx.avi, xxx.wmv, xxx.vob and Divx HD.
Video output resolution is adjustable from 480p to 1080p.
Maximum video bit rate peak is 50-75Mbps.
HDMI and composite video output simultaneously.
RS485 port for connection to PC, show controller and optional IN6 board, Max 4 IN6 boards.
Optional Sync board to sync start a group of AMAmini units
Optional 50Watt stereo amplifier module, size is 2.5"X3.5"X1"H
IR port, use IR remote control
Metal enclosure size: 2.5"W x 3.8"D x 0.8"H
Recommended operating temperature:40F to 104F OR 4 C to 40 C
Weight including P.S.: approximately 1.5 lbs