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Flash AV

Flash AV

Item: FlashAV




  • Plays DVD, Mpeg video and MP3 Audio.
  • No HD, no moving parts = durability.
  • Plays direct from a standard Compact Flash card.
  • Preprogrammed to eliminate the need for touch screen set up, lowering the total exhibit cost.
  • Revolutionary single chip design, brilliant video and audio quality.
  • Built In 8 Input, direct connection to push buttons and sensors.
  • Inputs are programmable to play different audio/video files.
  • Built in 20W Audio Stereo Amplifier and 1 Amp Relay output.
  • Compact unit size, only 7.25" W x 4.25" D x 1.2" H.


  • Video information system for Theme Parks, Go-Kart tracks, Family Fun Parks.
  • Video player for traveling exhibits.
  • Video player for Museums and Science Center exhibits.
  • Ideal player for Interactive Point of Purchase video/multimedia displays.


Compatible Video File Formats
  • Mpeg1 and Mpeg2 Programmed video files.
  • DVD...VOB video files.
  • VCD...DAT video files.
  • JPEG...JPG still pictures.
  • Maximum video bitrate is 10 Mbps.
Compatible Audio File Formats
  • MP3 audio files.
  • Maximum MP3 audio bitrate is 320 kbps.
Control Modes and Interface
  • Unit is preprogrammed for a 2 stage menu system, similar to a touch screen menu system.
  • Control is through 8 digital inputs. The inputs are directly related to the file directory structure of the compact flash card. No programming is required.
  • To activate an input, short it momentarily to the ground.
Memory Storage and Format
  • Compact Flash Card type 2 only.
  • Use SANDISK ULTRA 2 Compact flash card.
  • Maximum size is 2 Gb. File system is 32bit DOS.
Video Output Composite out on RCA jack and Y/C out on S-Video mini 4 pin din connector.
Audio Output
  • Audio line out is 2 V p/p stereo on 2 RCA jacks.
  • Audio speaker output is 20 watt on 4 mini screw on terminal.
  • Audio line out and speaker out are simultaneously controlled by the volume up/down.
Digital Input
  • 8 Digital input.
  • 1 Home/Next input.
  • Volume UP and Volume Down.
Relay Output Available on Busy and Common terminals. While idling or at Home position, terminals are not connected. When playing a file, these terminals are connected.
Power Requirement
  • 120 240VAC Universal switching power supply complete with a standard PC style power cord.
  • Power output is 12VDC, 20 watt.
  • Aluminum enclosure, 7.25" Wide X 4.25" Deep X 1.2" High.
  • Weight:1 Lb.
  • Weatherproof enclosure is also available.