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Flash MPX

Flash MPX

Item: FlashMPX



  • Plays MPEG4, MPEG2 and MPEG1 video
  • Plays MPEG4 and MP3 audio
  • Plays from a standard Compact Flash card and USB flash drive
  • Built-in program is capable of handling a simple AV display or complex interactive exhibit
  • Revolutionary multi-DSP single chip design, fast reaction time and brilliant video/audio quality
  • Built-in 16 input, direct connection to push buttons and sensors
  • Inputs are programmable to play different audio/video files
  • Built-in 14W audio stereo amplifier and 1 amp relay output
  • Compact unit size - only 7.25" W x 4.25" D x 1.2" H


  • High quality video player for museum and science center interactive exhibits
  • Video information kiosk for malls and shops
  • Interactive video station for theme parks, go kart tracks and family fun parks
  • High quality video station for P.O.P. display
  • Sound effect audio player for Sound Dark ride, haunted house and mini golf
  • Audio announcement for theme parks, rides and family fun centers


Video Format
  • MPEG4 video, simple profile
  • MPEG1 and MPEG2 programmed video files
  • JPEG still pictures
Audio Format
  • MP4, MPEG4 audio files
  • MP3 audio files
  • AAC advanced audio codec
CF Card and USB Drive
  • For Audio application and low bit rate video (less than 2 mbit/sec) use any Sandisk Compact Flash Card or USB Flash drive.
  • For higher bit rate video application (up to 9 mbit/sec) use only Sandisk Ultra II Compact Flash Card or USB2.0 Flash drive.
Bit Rate
  • Mpeg2 Video bitrate VBR or CBR is maximum 9 Mbps.
  • Mpeg4 Video bit rate is max 4 Mbps, VBR or CBR.
  • MP3 audio bitrate is maximum 320 kbps.
  • AAC audio bitrate is maximum 256 kbps.
  • Video Composite out is standard Yellow RCA jack.
  • S Video (Y/C) out is standard mini 4 pin din connector.
  • Stereo head phone out, 100 mWatt at 36 Ohm on 3
  • 5 mm mini jack.
  • Audio line out is 2 V p/p stereo on 2 RCA jacks (red and white).
  • Audio speaker output is 14 watt 8 ohm on 4 mini screw on terminal.
  • Audio line out and speaker out are simultaneously controlled by the volume up/down.
  • Relay output is available on Busy and Common terminals
  • The output is Dry Contact, Normally Open rated at 1 Amp.
    • 8 + 1 UP input on screw on terminals, plug in removable.
    • Input 1 to 8, to trigger short momentarily to ground.
    • Input 9 to 16, to trigger short both an Input and UP input momentarily to ground.
    • Volume UP and Volume Down input, to adjust the volume short it momentarily to ground. Volume is adjustable from 0 to 16. Default setting is 5.
    • Aluminum enclosure (desktop), 7.25" Wide X 4.25" Deep X 1.2" High.
    • Weight is approximately 1.2 lbs.
    • UPS/Fedex shipping weight with Power Supply and cord is 3 lbs.
    • Optional: NEMA (weatherproof) enclosure for outdoor application is also available.
    Power Supply
    • 120 - 240VAC Universal switching power supply complete with a detachable PC style power cord.
    • Power output is 12VDC, 30 watt.
    Power Requirement
    • 120 240VAC Universal switching power supply complete with a standard PC style power cord.
    • Power output is 12VDC, 20 watt.
    • Aluminum enclosure, 7.25" Wide X 4.25" Deep X 1.2" High.
    • Weight:1 Lb.
    • Weatherproof enclosure is also available.