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Item: SR4


  • Plays MP3 (xxx.mp3) and PCM (xxx.wav)audio files.
  • Plays direct from a standard Compact Flash card.
  • 14 Watt stereo audio out and 100 mW Headphone out.
  • VGA,S Video and Composite video out,plays DVD(xxx,vob) video files .
  • Built In 5 Input, binary connection to 31 push buttons and sensors.
  • Inputs are programmable to play different video files.
  • Motion detector input, plays audio when motion detector is triggered.
  • Optional RL4 output board to trigger 16 relays to play in sync with audio.
  • Compact unit size, only 6.5" W X 4.5" D X 1.2"H.


  • Audio player for Museums and Science Center exhibits.
  • Audio and Video player for Interactive travelling exhibit.
  • Audio information system for Theme Parks, Go-Kart tracks, Family Fun Parks.


Voltage & Power Switching 12V DC, 3 Amp
AC input: 120-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Audio Video Storage: Sandisk Compact Flash Card
Volume Control: Digital, 2 screw on terminal
Audio Line Out, Stereo RCA, 2V p/p
Speaker out, 14 watt stereo, 4 screw on terminal
Headphone out, 100 mW, 32 Ohm, stereo
Digital Input, TTL Binary: 5 Screw on terminal, binary
Motion Detector Input (PIR) available on RJ11 jack
Audio File format: MP3 and Wav
Max Audio bit rate: 320 kbps
Video File format: VOB and Mpeg2
Max Video bit rate: 9 Kbps
VGA video out: DB15 at 640 x 480
Composite video out: RCA at 720 x 480/576
S Video out: S Video Din4 at 720 x 480/576
Serial port: RS485 on RJ11
IR port, use IR remote control
Metal enclosure size: 6.5"W x 4.5"D x 1.2"H
Weight including P.S.: approximately 2.1 lbs.