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Item: SSVP



  • The SSVP is more than a video player, it is a complete multimedia video player,capable of handling complex multimedia requirements.
  • The SSVP sophisticated digital video engine is designed to handle various inputs and outputs, and is easily programmable using the built-in script editor software.


  • Solid State Reliability and Durability
    • SSVP is not comprised of any moving parts - there is nothing to wear out or break.
    • Video is stored in a Flash card.
  • Easy Video Transfer
    • No special equipment required.
    • Use a PCMCIA drive and MS Explorer to copy the video file directly into the Flash card.
  • Built In Programmable Playback
    • You can instruct the SSVP to play certain video clips automatically or when an input is triggered or at a preset time.
    • While playing a video you can display text and trigger the digital output.
    • Real time clock allows for automatic play based on time/date.
  • Text Overlay
    • Display text over a video while the SSVP is playing.
  • 10/100 T Base Network
    • Central control: Download new programs, add new video clips, and add new text while the SSVP is running it's daily program, all from one main location.
  • Digital Input and Output
    • 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.
    • Use the input to trigger a series of instructions such as playing video clips and text.

Technical Specifications

Video and Audio Format
  • Elementary streams video and audio.
  • MPEG-1 system streams.
  • MPEG-2 program streams.
  • DVD
  • Interlace Video output (NTSC and PAL): CVBS (composite), Y/C (S-Video) RGB and SDI digital video output (optional, 270 MBPS serial interface).
  • Audio output: stereo line output, and a digital serial output (SPDIF).
Video and Audio Bitrate
  • Maximum video bitrate: 12 Mbps.
  • Audio bitrate is 32, 44.1, and 48 Khz.
Control Modes and Interface
  • Stand-alone mode: execution of scripts synchronized on timer events or on external triggers, configuration by means of a PS/2 keyboard and/or 4 pushbuttons (menus displayed in On Screen Display).
  • Remote control mode: serial port (RS-232 - DB9), RS-485, 2W/4W (RJ-11) or via Ethernet (10/100base T Ethernet (RJ-45)).
ATA PC-Card Interface (front panel)
  • ATA-Flash cards (including compact flash).
  • Pushbutton for card extraction.
  • Mechanical lock of the ATA PC-Card for protection against theft.
Video Output Connection
  • CVBS(Cinch/RCA)
  • Y/C (4 pin mini DIN)
  • RGB with sync (High Density DB15)
  • SDI serial 270 Mb/s digital output (BNC)
Audio Output Connection
  • Stereo line output (dual Cinch/RCA)
  • Digital serial output (Cinch/RCA)
  • SPDIF 2-channel PCM IEC-985)
  • Multi-channel MPEG-2 (MPEG 5.1)
Digital Input and Output and Network
  • Input triggers: 8 inputs, TTL with internal pull-ups (DB9)
  • Output triggers: 4 outputs, TTL and Open Collector compatible (DB9)
  • Genlocking (2 x BNC active feed through)
  • LED indicators: power & Ethernet link integrity, 10/100Tbase compatible.
Enclosure Table top & rack mountable 19" wide, 1.5" height is 1U (1.75") and depth is 12".
Power Universal input 120/220 Vac, 40 watt.